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Ted Noten
'Chew your own Brooch'

"This piece was an attempt to delegate the designer's role to the audience. Chewing can be regarded as an act of shaping, everyone can do it, could this lead to a new method of design? Let others do most of the work and limit the designer's role to that of a skilled manufacturer? By buying a Chew your own Brooch-set, the audience could create their own designs and have them cast in silver by Ted Noten, who would return the brooches gold plated and mounted on a pin. The finished piece would be shipped to them by post. A couple of workshops were organized to help the people in the process of chewing. One was especially organized for children."
Atelier Ted Noten / Chew Your Own Brooch / Amsterdam, NL / 1998
Ted Noten

Chew your own Brooch
Kit/7x10x3cm/ cardboard box, chewing gum, plastic box with chalk powder, stamps/1998 unlimited edition
Small (max 10 gram 22kt gold) chew appr.30 mins   $3,300
Medium (max 15 gram 22kt gold) chew appr. 20 mins   $4,900
Large (max 20gram 22kt gold) chew appr. 20 mins   $6,500

Ted Noten

Chew your own Brooch
22 carat gold-plated silver (sample,  NFS)

Fabrizio Tridenti

Fabrizio Tridenti

Nuovi Spazi
Plastic, 105 x 65 x 25 mm

Fabrizio Tridenti

Plastic, 48 x 35 x 30 mm
(photos artist's)

Manon van Kouswijk

"'Circle' and 'Line' are two necklaces of the same standard length. They are based on elementary principles that are used in generic beaded necklaces. The first one (the circle) I made just by trying to draw with the black ceramic pencil on round beads, so it started as a kind of material test. Seeing what happened when the beads were strung, I used the same method in a linear piece in a more calculated way. The effect of the black and white elements that change when the necklaces move, remind me of the measuring devices that are used in archaeology and in ethnographic jewellery photography. This is where material play might develop into an idea that reflects some of the things that interest me in jewellery."
Manon van Kouswijk

Circle, 2011   $2,500
Southern Ice modelling porcelain, ceramic pencil, glaze

Manon van Kouswijk

Line, 2011   $2,000
Southern Ice modelling porcelain, ceramic pencil, glaze

Peter Deckers

Mortise and Tenon, brooch,   $600
aluminium, stg silver, champagne diamond, marquisite, print on vinyl, lazertran

Dove Poo, brooch   $500
stg silver, bronze, costume jewellery, patina, paint
(photos artist's)

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