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February 7th - March 4th  2012



Materials into Ideas ⁄ Ideas into Materials


Alan Preston

"These works are materials into ideas and vice versa. The pumice was collected at Taupo en route to work at Masterton Polytech with Galvan Macnamara and made there then. The violet snails were collected from Muriwai beach years ago and finally were made this year. They are part of a series I have made around my idea that they would have been made here in pre european times."
Alan Preston

Pumice necklace. 1998   $450
Pumice, muka.

Alan Preston

Violet snail Lei. 2012   $550
Janthina exigua, nylon.

Ilse-Marie Erl

"Ideas to Materials: utilise rock core samples from specific locations to make souvenirs.
Materials to Ideas: the core sample hole in this rock slab just looks like it needs a finger."
Ilse-Marie Erl

Mt. Albert Volcanic Brooch
Mt. Albert Volcanic Ring
Sterling silver, volcanic rock from Mt. Albert
(photo artist's)

Pauline Bern

Pauline Bern

Aqua Rosa Argentum Brooch   $1,770
Sterling silver, pearl, citrine, totara leaf, cable

Pauline Bern

Spring Seed Shimmer Brooch   $1,770
9ct gold, sterling silver, pearl shell, ink, rose seed, cable

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