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February 7th - March 4th  2012



Materials into Ideas ⁄ Ideas into Materials


Fran Allison

"Everything from a shirt……to a necklace"
Fran Allison

Fabric, silver

Fran Allison

Set   $2,000

Renee Bevan

"I've been trying to capture things lately. Preserve, bury things; capture existence. There are many things that exist in the world that cannot be seen, felt, heard, touched. I want to make honest work. Work that requires an element of faith. Transient, fleeting, the ephemeral. In the shadow of its presence. Everything that will bring the work to life will cause it to fall apart. What are the lives within these objects? What lies beneath? A thought out loud. My thoughts around your neck. Out of my mind. I think I can string together some thoughts. Why I'm only touching the surface. A residue of thought. How can something mean so much to one and so little to another. Its what's deep down inside that really counts."
Renee Bevan

Every idea I could fit here   $POA
from the series a thought out loud
Audio file, CD, permanent marker, silver

Renee Bevan

Ash from idea # 359   $400
from the series of remaining thoughts, 2012
Idea, ash, jewellery box, jewellery box insert, oxidised silver, cord
(photos artist's)

Ross Malcolm

"An idea that attempts to translate the seasonal colour changes of leaves, using predominantly found plastic materials."

Potted colour, necklace, 2009 (idea into material)   $1,125
Found plastics, resin, silver, synthetic cord

"Materials selected and assembled to simulate kauri forest leaf litter, with the idea of a brooch in mind."

Leaf litter/SH.12 Waiopua, brooch, 2011 (materials into idea)   $375
Cast bronze, silver, polyurethane, foam, found plastic, resin, glue, paint

» Ted Noten, Fabrizio Tridenti, Manon van Kouswijk, Peter Deckers
» Helen Britton, David Bielander, Lisa Walker
» Alan Preston, Ilse-Marie Erl, Pauline Bern
» Tatjana Panyoczki, Lynn Kelly, Mia Straka
» Gillian Deery, Shelley Norton, Sharon Fitness
» Roseanne Bartley, Andrea Daly, Areta Wilkinson

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