June 25th - July 7th  2007

Christine Butler

"Born the youngest of three girls in 1950's Waikato, I was tricked by older siblings into believing I could transform things.

This, combined with inspiration from the story of Rumpelstiltskin and being raised by parents who grew up during the depression established the way I was to practice Art from a young age.

Pacific "Kanu Culture" has taken me amongst people where Victorian needlework has influenced traditional fibre art techniques, and reworked discarded materials have become vibrant visual markers of modernity.

In this age of waste and obsolescence, my work sits comfortably alongside the pursuit of my own reduced ecological footprint."

Christine Butler 2007

1.  White/green daisy chain necklace, crochet plastic  $750
2.  Pink/black/yellow/green daisy chain necklace, crochet plastic  $450


3.  Composite pink/blue stringy necklace, crochet plastic  $120
4.  Pink single pompom, crochet plastic  $120


5-17.  Flower Brooches and Lapel Pins, crochet plastic  $120 each


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