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Kath Inglis


Since 2001, Inglis has developed an innovative contemporary jewellery practice by working with her signature material, poly vinyl chloride (PVC). The material is sourced as a clear flexible sheet and is manipulated by a process of colouring, cutting, carving and more recently, heat fusing. Small shards of material are removed from the surface through intricate hand cut incisions creating new surface textures for light and shadow to play. The hard cut edges and sharp glittering prisms of colour generated allude to qualities associated with glass. To touch this work dispels the illusion as the material is flexible, supple and as light as air.

Intuitive patterns and repetitive cuts into the material are inspired by experiences. Inglis continues to push the material by creating works that form a self portrait of observations, concerns and issues.

From 2019

Kath Inglis

Spark Cuffs, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stg silver
Slim $215 each, medium $260 each, wide $295 each

From 2017

Laura Jer

Tree Form Brooches, plastic
Red;   $250
Blue; Purple; Green; Gold,   $265 each

From 2015

Kath Inglis

Translucent stud earrings, PVC, silver   $170 a pair
Translucent drop stud earrings, PVC, silver   $220 a pair

From 2014

Kath Inglis

Rock Drop studs   $220 per pair

From 2013

Kath Inglis

Gem Earrings   $275 a pair (one of each shown)
Heat fused layers of PVC

From 2012

Kath Inglis

Triple Shard Pendants   long   $585   short   $485

Kath Inglis

Double Shard Brooches   $205

From 2011

Kath Inglis

Shard Cuffs, PVC   $310

Kath Inglis

Shard Pendants, PVC   $490

From 2010

Kath Inglis

Purple Flare Neckpiece   $620
Grey Shard Neckpiece   $620
Dark Red Chinaman's Neckpiece   $620
Each hand cut from a single piece of PVC

Purple Flare Earrings   $205
Grey Drop Earrings   $205
Dark Red China Hat Earrings   $205
Cut and coloured PVC, stainless steel

From 2009

Kath Inglis
Kath Inglis

Waterhole Cuffs   $220 each
River Neckpieces   $613 each

From 2008

1-5   Cloud Brooches   PVC, Stainless Steel wire    $170 ea
6-10   Cloud Earrings   PVC, Stainless Steel wire    $170 pr

From 2005

Fan Bangles, PVC, silver,   $175 each
Crystal Cuffs, PVC, silver,   $175 each

From 2004

Skin Deep Bangle, Hand-dyed PVC

Skin Deep Bangle, Hand-dyed PVC

Skin Deep Bangle, Hand-dyed PVC


Crush Ring, Fine silver & patina

Shadow Brooch, Mild steel,
stainless steel, epoxy resin, epoxy paint

Garden of Shadows, Neckpiece, Lawn-bowl,
thread, 925 silver & patina


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