November 4 - 15,  2003

Fingers Annual Group Show


Slingshots, prescription eyeglasses, titanium,   $880


1  Square Brooch, sterling silver and 22ct gold,  $1,950
2  Mother of Pearl Ring, sterling silver and 22ct gold,  $1,350
3  Earrings, sterling silver and 22ct gold,  $1,200
4  Fat 22ct gold band,  $1,950
5  Necklace, argillite, obsidian and sterling silver,  $3,500


1  Glitter Brooch,  $66
2  Paua Brooch,  $66
3  Paua Necklace,  $150
4  Bribiesca Ring Tower,  $66
5  Bribiesca Ring,  $85
6  Ashton Bribiesca Ring,  $96
7  Necklace,  $150


1  Crochet collar with moonstones and pearls,  $700
2  Crochet collar with abalone shell,  $600
3  Crochet collar with vermeil,  $500


1  Arum Lily Earrings,  $130
2  Lily Earrings,  $170
3  Jasmine Earrings,  $150
4  Briar Rose Earrings,  $230
5  Jasmine Choker,  $300
6  Briar Rose Choker,  $250
7  Briar Rose Choker,  $900
8  Briar Rose Wreath,  $800


1  Pounamu Disc,  $600
2  Grossular Garnet Disc,  $400
3  Pounamu Fish Pendant,  $400


1  3 Islands Neckpiece,  $640
2  Islands Earrings,  $272


1  Whisk Necklace,  $420
2  Pearl Shell Ring, 9ct gold and sterling silver,  $400
3  Pearl Shell Ring, 9ct gold and sterling silver,  $350
4  Pearl Shell Ring, sterling silver,  $300
5  Pearl Shell Ring, sterling silver,  $300
6  Pearl Shell Ring, sterling silver,  $200


1  Sequin Brooch, sterling silver and silk,  $545
2  Sequin Brooch, sterling silver, 22ct gold and silk,  $595
3  Sequin Brooch, sterling silver, 22ct gold and silk,  $655


Nga Waka Pounamu Collar,  $1,850


1  Bird Over Kakanui Brooch,  $350
2  Flower Brooch,  $265
3  Bird Brooch,  $265
4  Diving Bird Brooch,  $295
5  Hollow Bangle,  $365
6  Grooved Ring,  $395
7  Oar Earrings,  $180


1  Tapered Love Heart Ring, 22ct rose gold,  $750
2  Fine Signet Ring, 22ct rose gold,  $600
3  Fine Seed Ring, 22ct rose gold,  $550
4  Fine Seed Ring, 22ct rose gold,  $550
5  Loose Wrap Ring, 22ct yellow gold and 22ct rose stamp,  $500
6  Tiny Ring, 22ct rose gold,  $450
7  Extra Fine Wrap Ring, 22ct rose gold,  $375
8  Fused Ring, 22ct yellow gold,  $500


Ex Voto Brooches,  $350 each
sterling silver, gold leaf, pearls, garnets, collage, resin


Set of three,  $3,500
'Trophy Nail' sterling silver, 835 silver, fishnet yarn.
2 Brooches:
'Old Word Religion' and 'New World Religion'
in mahogany rose box: sterling silver, D print
(images Rembrandt van Rijn), dried black roses.

'Hand to Eye Coordination'
Choices of the human hand

"This series of work underlines the motivations behind discovery and fear. Symbolic claims have been used to commemorate one's beliefs. This catalyst has been the driving force of faith; with its blind belief in truth.

The interior of these three works points towards that motives of faith and truth. The nail (crucifixion of Jesus) reflects the apprehension of cause and effect; the box with the two brooches the incentive.

Choices over good or bad are executed through the use of the hand. I chose to make these works by my hand; somebody else chooses their hands to torture, somebody else to nurture. Choices of circumstances will cross our path every day and its judgement calls up through the eyes of the other.

The great beliefs of time have shifted from religion to science. The wait is until the two merge and that can only be through new scientific discovery."
Peter Deckers


1  Arabesque Ring,  $340
2  Arabesque Ring,  $340
3  Arabesque Ring,  $340
Rings made of sterling silver
4  Arabesque Earrings, 18ct and sterling silver,  $240
5  Arabesque Earrings, 18ct and sterling silver,  $240
6  Arabesque Earrings, sterling silver,  $120


1  Disc 2003, Nephrite Jade, (New River, NZ),  $440
2  Lozenge 2003, Nephrite Jade, (Italians Creek, NZ),  $620
3  Shield 2003, Nephrite Jade, (New River, NZ),  $1,250
4  Kura 2003, Nephrite Jade, (Kawhaka River, NZ),  $450
5  Inanga 2003, Nephrite Jade, (Arahura River, NZ),  $550

"Over the last twenty five years of collecting and carving jade, some pieces were too precious to carve, either because of their rarity, their provenance or their exceptional beauty. Sometimes only large enough to make a small pendant, sometimes half or a whole boulder, I always put them aside to savour, thinking to carve them when I felt I was ready (or maybe not at all in some cases). Occasionally I carve one, usually for myself, family or friends, but rarely for sale.

These five amulets are all in that category. Their time has come. I have really enjoyed carving them and they are hard to part with, but in acknowledgment of those wondrous southern rivers, the stone histories, the prospectors and their escapades, and my long relationship with Fingers, I offer them for sale."
John Edgar
Karekare, 2003


1  Necklace Chain,  $245
2  Earrings Chain,  $98
3  Necklace Flower,  $245
4  Earrings Flower,  $245
5  Necklace 3 Flowers,  $360
6  Earrings Flowers,  $240


1  Worm Brooch, gold lipped oyster shell, stg,  $1,300
2  Fella, scoria, stg,  $900


1  Pendant, chrysocolla, resin, silver,  $450
2  Earrings, chert (black), resin,  $325
3  Brooch, pebble (black), gold leaf,  $375
4  Brooch, nephrite, resin,  $435


1  Red Heart,  $200
2  Red Sperm/Penis,  $200
3  Red Brooch,  $250
4  Red Scroll,  $250
5  Red Scroll,  $250


1  Linear, 9ct white gold,  $340
2  Linear, sterling silver,  $158
3  Tidal, 18ct white gold,  $820
4  Tidal, sterling silver,  $186
5  Ripe..(Biophilic), 9ct white gold,  $380
6  Ripe..(Biophilic), sterling silver,  $186
7  New Whorl, 18ct yellow gold,  $680
8  New Whorl, sterling silver,  $110
9  Slightly Sexy, 9ct white gold,  $480
10 Slightly Sexy, sterling silver,  $240

Koji Miyazaki

1  Gingko Necklace, stg and 9ct gold,  $1,295
2  Gingko Earrings, stg,  $125
3  Gingko Brooch, stg and 9ct gold,  $295
4  Cherry Blossom Necklace,
    stg, 9ct gold, gold leaf, pearls,  $695
5  Cherry Blossom Brooch,
    stg, 9ct gold, gold leaf and pearls,  $4,495
6  Cherry Blossom Earrings,  $240

Cherry Blossom Series:

"I enjoy the beginning of spring. It gives me new energy and joy to see this wonderful season.
The cherry blossom tree blooms for only two weeks of every year. Almost all the trees energy built up over the year is spent over a short period of time, and then the cycle begins again.
I enjoy the balance of the beautifully formed branches; they are reminiscent of large-scale bonsai trees.
Traditionally in Japan we celebrate the Flower Viewing- a time when people have picnic parties under the bloom of the beautiful cherry blossom tree.
All of these things express the relationship we as people feel toward beauty in nature."

Gingko Series:

"The Gingko is a traditional tree in Japan. The Gingko's slow growth reflects years of history and represents a quintessentially Asian style.
Japan and New Zealand have similar climates. With the changing of the four seasons the Gingko leaves change colour. Here in New Zealand, it brings back my memories of the seasonal changes in a traditional Japanese garden."
Koji Miyazaki


1  Plastic Brooch,  $220
2  Plastic Brooch,  $220
3  Plastic Brooch,  $220
4  Plastic Brooch,  $220
5  Plastic Brooch,  $260
All Brooch pins made of 9ct white gold.


1  Flower Brooch,  $600
2  Flower Brooch,  $600
3  Flower Brooch,  $600
4  Flower Necklace,  $670
Sterling silver and painted wood.


1  Elegant Drop Earrings,  $160
2  Fine Dangle Earrings,  $160
3  Classic Elegance Earrings,  $160


1  Cross Necklace,  $695
2  Trifoil Necklace,  $695
Black lip oyster shell, vau


Jewel, sterling silver and ribbon,  $790


1  Enchantment Brooch,  $175
2  Enchantment Brooch,  $175
3  Enchantment Brooch,  $175
4  Rapture Choker,  $290

"My art is sensory, it deals with the body. This is done through placement as well as through materials. I aim for tension in my work created through the juxtaposition of materials or the way a piece interacts with the body. Jewellery is a physical medium and I want my work to be a physical experience.

The three brooches of "Enchantment" are based on earlier works dealing with fantasy. The combination of materials, the claws, the tying and the wrapping contain as well as restrain and inherently protect all at the same time. However, what lies within still manages to seep and spill out in different ways and we are never sure why they are being held captive and whether they are worthy of escape.

These relationships within the work are telling of the way we use fantasy to deal with aspects of life. We may repress certain things but fantasy acts as a catharsis for us and provides a 'safe' way to express a certain part of ourselves, while also allowing us to maintain the social status quo. These brooches have been a product of my own creative fantasy and catharsis.

"Rapture" (Choker) is a close fitting neckpiece, that when uncoiled is reminiscent of a whip with a glinting metal tip. The long piece of leather is sewn and bound together and worn wrapped tightly around the neck to sit like a choker. The metal point pokes out and is just visible through the coils of leather. The leather loops through a silver ring before it is wrapped around the neck. This looping through resembles a noose. Strung around the neck like this there is a long length of leather left loose that looks like it could be taken up and used to lead the wearer around. The piece then continues to wrap around the neck, tying, binding, restricting, protecting. The neck is a vulnerable part of the body and the way this piece is worn creates tension. Again this piece could be either shielding or controlling. It relies on the viewer to decide.
Jenny Styles, 2003


Carved Brooches,  $450 each
Kauri, white paint, sterling silver, copper and wax.