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Kylie Sinkovich


From 2023

Mohua wood collection - Men's rings

Made with remnants of an adobe earth house build, from native timbers milled decades ago these rings venerate the subtle characteristics of wood. The experience of living with a closer connection to nature, her rhythms, cycles and patterns both visually and energetically, are inspiration for this ongoing line of enquiry in working with this living material.
The sensation of the tactile nature of this material can be both surprising and reassuring; soft, warm, smooth, light, and naturally melding into the human form.
NB: Commissions welcome, all sizes possible.
Kylie Sinkovich

Ring – Hamama, Rata, Totara, sterling and fine silver. Size U   $350
Ring – Pohara, Rata, Totora and sterling silver. Size V   $350
Ring – Wainui, Brown Beech, Totora and sterling silver. Size T   $280
Ring – Rawhiti, Brown Beech, Serpentine and fine silver. Size U   $350
Ring – Puponga, Brown Beech, Rata and fine silver. Size W½   $280

From 2022

Verbal disturbances, small artworks from a larger series ...
     Stream of consciousness captured in a physical form.
Words that are not instantly distinguishable ...
    words that invite the reader to lean in ...
      to decipher the messages
         whispered ...
          across time
             ... and space.
Kylie Sinkovich

Neckpiece: After finishing all the whiskey in the house we got very emotional  $750
  Totora, sterling silver, aquamarine, muka, cotton thread, 110mm h x 80mm w x 10mm d
Brooch: There were dark voices which I (mostly) ignored   $350
  Sterling silver, peridot, 40mm h x 75mm w x 3mm d
Brooch: Switched Turned on   $395
  Swamp Kauri, sterling silver, garnet, 55mm h x 55mm w x 10mm d
Brooch: Winning without fighting   $350
  Sterling silver, antique rhodolite garnet, 38mm h x 65mm w x 3mm d

From 2020

Tin and Timber

This project transported me back to my childhood running barefoot through the long grass on my family’s orchard collecting stones, tiny windblown birds’ nests and other earthly treasures, before bringing them back to a pint sized workbench next to my father’s in the garage.
I had a fascination with the nostalgic, especially old tins, and kept my precious findings in them. Moa stones and chunks of Kauri gum my father had found, bird’s feathers and broken eggs, sea shells and other bits I’d collected ended up in these tins.
In this project I have endeavoured to recreate a small sacred moment with each assemblage of treasure inside these tins. I hope that the new guardians of these treasures will also create a little space to enjoy them as I have done in their creation.
Kylie Sinkovich

Tin & Timber I   $665
Tobacco tin, kauri, kauri gum, fine silver, reclaimed ebony, reclaimed mahogany, beeswax

Kylie Sinkovich

Tin & Timber II   $665
Tobacco tin, kauri, kauri gum, fine silver, reclaimed ebony, brass, reclaimed mahogany, beeswax

Kylie Sinkovich

Tin & Timber III   $665
Tobacco tin, kauri, kauri gum, fine silver, sterling silver, reclaimed mahogany, beeswax


Tilt is a dual exploration into dissolving boundaries between the jewellery object and the container it is held in. The container of a work becomes a blank canvas to be composed upon and within, also giving agency to the owner's influence on the greater whole.
Kylie Sinkovich

1 box. Demolition rimu, stg. silver, reclaimed ebony, neodymium magnets, glue & beeswax 160mm W x 31mm H x 110.8mm D
2 x stg silver & black sapphire faceted earrings with stg silver butterfly backs
1 x oval ebony & stg silver bar earring,   1 x oxidised stg. silver oval stud earring
1 x oxidised stg silver oval single bar stud earring,   1 x oxidised stg. silver oval double bar stud earring
1 x stg. silver oval curl stud earring,   1 x oxidised stg. silver large oval on single bar dangle earring
1 x black wood veneer & stg. silver long dangle earring

From 2018

Kylie Sinkovich

Flying Fuck Brooch. Coral, resin, stg silver, stainless steel

From 2017

Kylie Sinkovich

Perpetuum Pendant; Rewarewa, Sumner stone (limestone), muka fibre, cotton, Stg silver.   $370
Monophonic Brooch Diptych; Rewarewa, Sumner stone (limestone), Stg silver, steel.   $440
Brooches can also be sold separately if required. (Large $290, small $170)

From 2017

'Black to Black'

Sinkovich continues to refine her investigation into the perceived disconnect between humans and the environment in this recent body of work.
A gross versus subtle aspect is explored within the dark and brooding nature of these carefully orchestrated alike, but dissimilar materials.
The juxtaposition between the expected precision and value of traditional fine jewellery and untamed rawness of the natural specimens incorporated creates a tension while inviting the viewer to contemplate the nature of fluidity of the contrasting materials.
Kylie Sinkovich

Fragment (Ring) Ebony, swamp Kauri, jet, fine silver   $650
Asymmetry in Motion (Ring) Lignum vitae, ebony, reclaimed stg silver, tourmaline, 22ct gold, fine silver   $800

Kylie Sinkovich

Me & You (Ring) Polychrome Jasper, Fine silver   $400
Me & You (Ring) Lignum vitae, 22ct gold   $600

Kylie Sinkovich

Being and Becoming (Ring) Lignum vitae, petrified wood, brass, 22ct gold   $650
Black to Black (Ring) Ebony, jet, 22ct gold, 14ct reclaimed gold   $650

Kylie Sinkovich

Confluence (Ring) Ebony, labradorite, fine silver, reclaimed stg silver   $550

Kylie Sinkovich

Remnant (Brooch) Marsden jade, swamp kauri, reclaimed silver, stainless steel   $450

Kylie Sinkovich

Mourning Light (Brooch) Obsidian, lignum vitae, reclaimed stg silver, stainless steel   $400

Kylie Sinkovich

Society (Necklace) Lignum vitae, stg silver chain, reclaimed stg silver   $350

Kylie Sinkovich

Society II (Necklace) Obsidian, stg silver chain, reclaimed stg silver   $NFS

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