The Dowse Gold Award Show

July 4th - 22nd  2011

Joanna Campbell

2002 Award Winner

Rosette, 2002
22 and 9 carat gold
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum

Grosgrain Ribbon    $5,000
Gold plated stg silver

Embroidery Hoop Brooch    $600
Gold plated stg silver, antique metallic lace

Swatch Brooch    $3,200
18ct gold, oxidised stg silver

Joanna selected

Jane Dodd

"These pieces are about preciousness and rarity. The works' genesis was Aesop's fable of the Goose that laid the Golden Egg.
We don't miss our water till our well runs dry."

'Mustelid nest attack?' brooch   2011    $1,000 Copper, sterling silver, 18ct gold, stainless steel

'The Precious Egg' ring   2011    $ 950
Sterling silver, 18ct gold

'Runaway Rat Attack' brooch   2011    $1,030
Lignum vitae, sterling silver, 18ct gold

'The Golden Claws' necklace   2011    $1,220
Lignum vitae, sterling silver, 18ct gold

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