The Dowse Gold Award Show

July 4th - 22nd  2011

Lynn Kelly

2007 Award Winner

Gold and Tussock Necklace    2007
Tussock straw, 18ct and 22ct gold, waxed thread
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum

Necklace    $1,300
24 carat gold, 24 carob seeds

Necklace    $350
Tussock, 18ct gold

Lynn selected

Ann Culy

Moonstone pool ring    2011    $3,330
'cool pool of moonstone fills the cup. Light shines through bringing gold to the surface and a flash of Blue to the sky'
22ct gold, pure gold, moonstone

Sapphire eye ring    2011    $750
'always open, never sleeping the sapphire keeps watch'
Pure gold, silver, sapphire

Ruby, Pigeons blood ring    2011    $1,280
'so much fat gold to hold a drop of Blood'
Pure gold, silver, ruby

Coral tablet seal, ring    2011    $1,920
'dense pigment, red image reversed'
Pure gold, silver, coral

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