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February 7th - March 4th  2012



Materials into Ideas ⁄ Ideas into Materials


Tatjana Panyoczki

"Idealised material or materialised idea? It is not always that black and white with my work, sometimes very subtle.
But these 2 pieces are an attempt of consciously being aware of the 2 different starting points."

Social Fabric 3, 2011   $800
Lint, sterling silver, stainless steel, flexible film varnish, 130 x 100 mm

Ode to the fish, 2011   $600
Plastic, pom poms, wax, sterling silver, 700 mm

Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly

Rice Chain Pendant (with botanical drawing)   $720 Sterling silver, M.O.P.

Lynn Kelly

Lace Necklace   $640
Sterling silver, brass, lace

Mia Straka

"For me the beauty in a successful piece is the melding of concept, material, technique and form. Usually the process cannot be separated easily between concept and material but I have chosen a piece from my collection that could not exist in any other material and made another in response, moulding the material to express an idea."
Mia Straka

Wishbone Neckpiece   $1,650
Bone, silver

Mia Straka

Wishbone Pendant   $750
Bone, muka

» Ted Noten, Fabrizio Tridenti, Manon van Kouswijk, Peter Deckers
» Helen Britton, David Bielander, Lisa Walker
» Alan Preston, Ilse-Marie Erl, Pauline Bern
» Fran Allison, Renee Bevan, Ross Malcolm
» Gillian Deery, Shelley Norton, Sharon Fitness
» Roseanne Bartley, Andrea Daly, Areta Wilkinson

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