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February 7th - March 4th  2012



Materials into Ideas ⁄ Ideas into Materials


Gillian Deery

"Materials into ideas: my aim in practice is to find solutions to join sterling silver sheet without the aid of solder and allow for play, incident and the materials themselves to suggest creative solutions. The aim is to look outside of traditional modes of silversmithing to expand upon possible solutions of fabrication. Folding was chanced upon as an ideal way to create mass and structure and transform the sheet into a three dimensional form. In the action of making repeated cuts and folds material incidents arose and were responded to, this process is a conversation between idea, making actions, material happenings and my making choices that led to the fully formed idea."
Gillian Deery

A lot of folding, Breastplate, 2011   $710 Sterling silver, copper, acrylic paint

"Ideas into materials: sterling silver as a material provides both practical and conceptual qualities, which is why I prize it as a material. I like its workability, its tonal change in response to heat and its value and status as a material. These qualities are what enthuses me about using silver and what I rely upon to generate pieces that work within and outside of traditional values of silver as a jewellery material. In reference to Otto K├╝nzli's 1980 'Gold Makes Blind' armband I asked myself what would happen if I made a piece that hid those personal and prized values of sterling silver?"
Gillian Deery

Silver Neckpiece, 2012   $600 Sterling silver, acrylic paint, spray paint, Adidas shoe lace.

Shelley Norton

"For me the beauty in a successful piece is the melding of concept, material, technique and form. Usually the process cannot be separated easily between concept and material but I have chosen a piece from my collection that could not exist in any other material and made another in response, moulding the material to express an idea."
Shelley Norton

Elephants Tail Earring, 2011   NFS
Silver, gold, found objects

Shelley Norton

Necklace, 2012   $560

Sharon Fitness

"The material that I most commonly work with was originally designed for making flexible kitchen baking products, such as muffin tins, spatulas and egg poachers, so it seemed apt for me to start with these products for Materials into Ideas. What to do for Ideas into Materials was not so obvious, so I had to do a lot of experimentation. I inherently felt that the object needed to imply function to create an idea for the viewer. With an overabundance of Kitty Pain Killer syringes in the house after my cat got shot, these presented the perfect vehicle for the presentation of an idea via functionality."
Sharon Fitness

Egg Poacher, 2012   $320
Silicone, pigments, sterling silver, 9ct gold pin

Sharon Fitness

An Injection of Colour, 2012   $215
Syringe, silicone, pigment, 9ct gold pin

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